Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I have quite a few little pictures and paintings in my room. This drawing and the painting below were done by an artist in San Francisco.

She had a few of these "Victorian" type ladies and I really like how they were a blend of vintage and modern. A vintage theme but with a modern feel and colors. The one below is an oil painting on a piece of wood so it is kind of random you can't really frame it lol.

If you can't tell... I like Victorian things...and I love silhouettes. I just wish the background was white but it is meant to look like beige canvas. I have always loved silhouettes and cameos.

This is, I'm told, an Italian style frame. It is metal, says made in Italy on the back and has a picture of flowers in an urn.

This is another Italian frame the picture of this one is a group of Renaissance women lounging around in a garden.

This is another silhouette that I love. It's a picture of a Victorian lady sitting under a tree with her parasol and her husband or gentleman caller is approaching behind her with flowers. Sooo romantic :)

More Victorian stuff yaaay lol. It's a picture of shoes! Victorian shoes to be exact. I haven't had a chance to hang it up yet.

This is what it says at the bottom. What I loved about this picture too is that the frame is pink and matches the print!

This shoe is my favorite.

This is a picture I got at Ross yay. It's a shelf of teapots and doilies. I haven't had a chance to hang it up either mostly because I don't have room on my walls lol.

I actually saw a teapot recently that looked like this one.

I love all these pictures they remind of all things romantic. And I just want to wish a happy anniversary to my boyfriend Taylor, 3 years today!

What kinds of neat pictures, and things of the like, do you have?


Denise Elizabeth said...

So sweet! Lovely post. Thanks for the comment! Smiles Denise

Tracey said...

I love the silhouettes especially!
Happy Anniversary to you two! Y'all look so cute and happy in the picture :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Ok..so I admit it. It was love at first sight when I saw you! MY GOSH, you look so much like my granddaughter, Ireland! Hair...wow..and..you just about the same age. Ireland is younger by a bit. She is in New York attending college ..but..boy..the resemblance! You two even like the same things! Thank you so much for stopping by this old ladies blog and leaving a comment! There is certainly a Domestic Diva in you! LOVE it! Ireland is very interested in my stories about her grandpa and I, so we are going to exchange stories. She laughs at that but that was our deal. Story for story! At least I will know what that little cutie is up to. (NOT!) :) Again..thanks!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Happy Anniversary! I love that first painting and you can't go wrong with silhouettes! Thanks for the nice comments.

Rosy said...

Oh, I love them all, especially the silhouettes and teapots, the shoes are oh-so-gorgeous too. The metal frames are beautiful, I've got the second one, exactly the same, but I painted it white, the picture in it is different, I like yours better. You've got so many lovelies. Congratulations on your third anniversary, you look happy.

Rosemary said...

Love all of the vintage goodness!!
Happy Anniversary!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

You have some wonderful pictures. You are your sweetie look great together!

Anonymous said...

I love Victorian trinkets and pictures, as well. You have a nice collection!

The White Bench said...

Happy Anniversary!
Lovely pictures!

Stephanie / Steppi / Loo Loo said...

I Love all of your decorations! They are adorable. Aww and happy 3 year to you and Pele :-) hehe.

Love you! -Loo