Monday, March 30, 2009


I have some pretties that I want to share with everyone! pretties 001

Some of these are old finds that weren’t posted some are new. pretties 002

This little birdie I found at Goodwill YAY! And the little plate it’s sitting on. They match each other! Little blue birdies along the rim of this plate :)

pretties 003

A while ago I found these pretty jars and the shelf they are sitting on and I didn’t think of putting them together until I came home! The little jars all came with little tags on the nobs but I added the dry flowers inside them.

pretties 004

pretties 005

pretties 006

I put some doilies underneath them to give them a little more visual interest.

Remember the cloche and stand that I didn’t know what to do with?

pretties 007

Ta daaa. I put this lovely lady underneath. She fits perfectly :) This is one of the figurines I found not too long ago, at the same time as the little green man and the vase with the French people.

pretties 008

This is the small dome I found at Michael’s and thanks to Joanne at My Little Cottage in the Making for the great idea about what to do with my broken tea cup! I’m going to disguise the broken handle by resting it on it’s side and then put a birds nest in the cup poking out! Such a cute idea huh? Thanks again Joanne!

pretties 009

All the best everyone! :)


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Ok, I am so jealous of your cloches! I want some of those so bad! I was at Michealls the other day but cold not find any.

The French Bear said...

That's great way to disguise it, or you can glue a bow and then add flowers over the broken handle and have a floral arrangement outside the cup!, I like that you are decorating your home already!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, watch for giveaways, I have some cute ones coming up.
Margaret B

Country Romantic said...

Hi Allison,

Such pretty finds. :) And I agree with you..such a good idea of Joanne's for your tea cup and saucer. I like the way you added the doilies for the visual effect on your shelves. It looks great!!! :)

Hugs & Blessings,


bj said...

oH, I love all the treasures you've found. They are all just so pretty. Love the little shelf, too. I have a thing about little shelves...just love 'em.
Pretty post!!
xo bj

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Awesome finds! i am totally jealous of the glass bell jar you found at Michael's. I've been stalking ours and they DO.NOT.HAVE.ANY. I'm a patient stalker...I can wait!

Anonymous said...

What enchanted finds!!!

and lovely decor...

Just A Gal...

Sue said...

Allison, Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment. Did you come by way of Country Romantic, by any chance?
Katherine is a sweetheart. For someone so young, you have cultivated
taste! You have put things together very well. Continued good luck with your shopping. Stop by again. Sue

Anonymous said...

Can I just tell you every time I see a post from you it makes me smile really big... and your profile pic... oh my it makes my heart skip... I remember times like that!!!

Keep the love and Thanks for sharing some with me too!!! I means a lot!!!

Just A Gal

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Allison,

Thank you for your nice comments on my new blog. I am trying but getting things backwards sometimes. Your blog is beautiful! I really like it and lucky you, going to Disneyland yesterday! I noticed you were from San Diego and my husband and I were suppose to be in San Diego this week(for his job) but our trip got canceled...maybe it will get rescheduled someday. Take care, Patti

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I love anything under glass..and today I went to Pier1 Imports and bought one. I used to have a very large one and put it on top of my refrigerator...and one day....I heard this HUGE crash and ran into the kitchen..and there it huge bell shaped glass broken into a million pieces on the floor. I guess the refrigerator running just slowly giggled it to the edge and off it went. NO more putting glass things up there! :)
Hugs to you...