Thursday, March 12, 2009

Too early for Easter?

Is it too early to decorate for Easter? Because I just bought some really cute things lol.
This is a little pink jar that has a Victorian like Easter sticker on it with bunnies and flowers around the rim.

I just thought that the bunnies were really cute... I think you are supposed to hang it.

I loooved these sweet little eggs. They are also Victorian like and I bought two bunny eggs one with a blue rim and a purple rim. This one up here is the blue.

And I got a chick egg with a cream rim.

On the side of them all are these beautiful flowers!

These are the purple rimmed bunnies! For now I have them sitting on these little metal chairs. They all have ribbon bows at the top though to hang them. But I have nothing to hang them from lol.

I bought the little white cup at Goodwill, it was only 99 cents and I liked the way it look. It's like an over sized egg cup because those little Victorian eggs are too small for it lol. I stuck the blue ribbon around it to make it a little more Springy. The little egg with feet I bought at Big Lots, it opens up, I just liked it's little feet lol.

At Big Lots I also got this cute little purple bunny.

And this glass walled lantern that has a pedestal for a tea light or votive candle.

But I stuck the bunny in there lol. The bunny is a metallic purple, I think it's meant to look like it's a real chocolate bunny underneath the foil lol. So I bought all these things and already set them up because I didn't want to wait any longer lol. Who else has started decorating for Easter?


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm glad you came to visit, your blog is darling, love the Easter stuff and no it's never too late! I'll be back!

Susie Q said...

It's never too early for such wonderful things! I haven't started yet but it is still so dreary out and cold. Hm...maybe that is why I SHOULD begin to decorate for spring and Easter!


Melissa Lester said...

Bunnies are starting to pop up around my house too! I love spring colors and themes, so I am gradually pulling out favorite decorations. It looks like you found some great treasures!

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

I think you're right on time to decorate for Easter! Love the new pink glass bottle with vintage bunnies. Thanks for stopping by to see my post on the French flea market. It was the first annual flea market at that location. I'm hoping it continues year after year!

Tracey said...

I have always wanted to try this:
An idea for the could spray paint a pretty tree branch white and secure it a pot and some green moss and a ribbon, then you could hang your eggs on it.