Friday, May 15, 2009

A new view

blog pictures 026

I thought I’d share what my room looks like at my dads house since you all are always seeing my moms :) I haven’t really done anything with it and everything isn’t put away. But I’m hardly ever there so it’s not imperative.

That is my bed, it’s a California King so it overtakes the room. The bed spread is the Waverly collection from Target! Black and crème toile :) I wanted a four poster bed so bad and my stepmom bought me a cherry wood bedroom set for my 15th birthday :)

blog pictures 029 The four posts have this wheat design on them.

blog pictures 023 The armoire

blog pictures 030 Detail on the armoire and most of the furniture.

blog pictures 028 The vanity/dresser.

blog pictures 025 One of two end tables.

blog pictures 008 This is what’s on the other end table, an Eiffel Tower lamp with an old phone.

blog pictures 010

With roses on it :)

blog pictures 012 blog pictures 013 blog pictures 014 blog pictures 015 A crystal figurine of Beauty and the Beast from Disneyland :)

blog pictures 016 A souvenir from the Eiffel Tower :)

blog pictures 018 blog pictures 020

A pewter rose from the Renaissance faire and a jewelry box.

blog pictures 021 blog pictures 022 An Eiffel Tower picture holder.

So that’s pretty much it for stuff. There’s also a cherry wood oval standing mirror in the corner. I have a lot more French stuff that is still in boxes from when they moved. As you can see the room at my dads is a lot different in style than the one at my moms :) It’s always been that way. It’s nice to have two rooms to decorate in different styles that I like but don’t always mesh well. All the best everyone!


Sares said...

You have pretty things there as well, it must be nice to have two different spaces, makes for twice the shopping. Do any of your new treasures fit in there?

Happy PS and have a great weekend Alli!!!

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Morning Alli,

I am in love with your toile bed set! It looks so elegant :) This is the last weekend for the Renaissance faire and I didn't make it out this year, (we were supposed to go this weekend but my toes said otherwise) at an rate, I will be looking for a rose like that next year!

Have a great weekend,

The Quintessential Magpie said...

It's beautiful, Allison, and it is fun to be able to have different styles! You do it well!


Sheila :-)

SILVER said...

your Chippendale-style chest amoire is beautiful. always a treasure!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hey are you? Well..I think it's a charming room. Which do you like best? Any preference?

Rue said...

Hi Allison :)

How wonderful to have two rooms decorated so beautifully! I love your bed :)

Oh and honey, give your man some time. Eventually he'll get older and probably be more like that. Men get better with age ;)


cityfarmer said...

you've got it going on girl!

Rosemary said...

It's all really nice Alli.
Love that bed!!

Barb said...

Hey girl.
Thanks for coming by.
The white table you saw like my table, how much was it? Do you remember?

Thought I'd paint the cabinet gloss black.
What do you think??

Your bedroom is awesome!! Very nice furniture!!

Blessings and have a great week.

barbara jean

Tracey said...

Hi Allison,
Your room is lovely! I love the bed and the bed linens are so pretty. The eiffel tower lamp is nice too!
Hope you had a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love the Eiffel Tower lamps! I regret not buying one when Target had them. :(

The toile bedding looks so pretty with your furniture - you did a great job!