Thursday, July 30, 2009

Placemats and napkins

Hey all! I am back from Vegas it was awesome but sooo hot! I had a lot of fun though :) I wanted to share the cutest stuff! At Marshalls they had the coolest placemats and napkins ever! They are toile! Oh my gosh! I went to every Marshalls I know and got as many things as I could. One of the sets of napkins isn’t toile but very pretty!  I only took close ups of the red because it’s the same design on all of them.

a million 124

a million 125

a million 127

a million 128

a million 130

a million 131

a million 132

a million 133

a million 134

a million 135

a million 136

a million 126

a million 137

a million 138

Love it! They are so nice! I just love looking at everyone’s tablescapes and so now when I go out I always check out that stuff. Plus I am in love with toile! Go check your local Marshalls if you love toile! LOL. All the best!


Cathy said...

I am so glad that you are back!!! Did you have a good time!!! The heat is horrible in Vegas...but you are spoiled in SoCal!!!

Your linens are gorgeous...I will be heading to Marshalls in the morning...must have toile!!! I love the goldy color!!! I hope they have some left for me!!!

Welcome home sweet girl!!!

Terry said...

Oh I wish I had a Marshalls .
Those are simply fabulous linens.
Love the toile .
I can't believe you found so many colors, that is so amazing.
Tablescapes are so much fun .
Glad you had a wonderful time.
Welcome back.
Take care .
Happy Trails

Sares said...

It looks like you bought out the linen department! Can't wait to see what you come up with, I love me some toile!

Barb said...

Simply beautiful my dear!!

Hope you are having a terrific summer!!
Barbara Jean

bj said...

Well, little girl, I have sure missed you! I woke up this morning thinking that I'd not been visiting nor had you...wondered about it so, here I am. I, too, have been busy with other things...summertime is the time to get out and have fun and not be connected to this computer all day
I love your new toile. You are going to really enjoy it.
I hope you and Taylor have your problems worked out.
Glad you had fun in Vegas. A friend of mine was there about the time you were and she said it was so dang hot, she could barely stand it.
Take care...
xo bj

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Wow! You have toile in every color! For every mood! I love toile too and I also love the last picture that placemats with the embroidered flowers? Glad you had a nice time in Vegas! Hope it is cooler now that you are back home.

Cindy Shea said...

These are beautiful Ally. Boy, you wern't kiddin when you said you hit up every Marshalls you knew of! You cleaned them out, girlfriend! I see a really great tea party in the making. :)

Andrea Amu said...

Ohh I love toile! Those are beautiful. I esp. like the red! Great find!

southern queen bee said...

Oh my gosh I love those. I think we have a Marshalls in a near by city. The blue would be great in my remodeled kitchen. I will check it out tommorrow. THANKS

Erin said...

luv me some toile! you really found some wonderful linens! Hope all is well :O Erin

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm from Vegas, a long time's not the same anymore. I love the red roosters!

Rosemary said...

Hi Alli,
Glad you had fun in Vegas Baby!!!
Love toile!! I guess I need a trip to Marshall's.
Thanks for the tip!

bj said...

Just popping in to say thanks for coming to see me. I have missed your bright, little smile and joy when you find some cute treasure.
See ya later,alligator..
xo bj

Tracey said...

Hi Allison,
I hope you had fun in Las Vegas! I have never been there. I hope you and Taylor are doing better now :)

tales from an oc cottage said...

Sooooooooo very cute!!

m ^..^

Chatelaine said...

I am off to my hometown Marshall's. I love toile too and I only have two blue and two red toile napkins-need to add to my collection.

Thanks for the tip!

Barb said...

Thanks for coming by to say hi.

can't be on comp much right now, so can't visit or post too much. It is killing me!!!
Hope you are having a terrific summer.

Barbara Jean

Dawn said...

Can't wait to see all your lovely tablecloths at work.!

Cheri Peoples said...

Love them all and hope all is well with you and your boyfriend. I have a new party starting mon Aug 10-check it out.
Its So Very Cheri

Jen Kershner said...

Great finds! All of your treasures are giving me the shopping bug. Bad girl!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I actually caught my breath when I saw the red! JUST beautiful. My goodness you made such a haul! :)
A girl after my own heart!! :)

Karen said...

Hey there! I'm back too - well, at least on-line back. Still on vacation, for 10 more days. (I know, rough life!)
Been antiquing everywhere, and think of you every time I see hankies.
I am going thru withdrawals when I see everyone post what they are finding at HG or TJMaxx and those kinds of stores. Haven't seen a one on our journey, and am wondering what I am missing at home. I know the fall stuff is out and about now, and i LOVE fall.
Hmmmm . . . maybe it's a good thing I'm not home . . .
HAGD! Karen