Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tablescape Thursday

Join me at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday! 


This isn’t really a tablescape but it’s kind of LOL. It’s the cutest tea set and dishes that I got at Marshalls! I just love it. They called it toile and it kind of is. It’s really nice! I also got a black and white toile basket!

a million 006

a million 013

a million 005

a million 008

a million 010

Do you like it!?! I just love it. There is also a matching tiered server that I forgot to take pictures of! But you can imagine what it looks like :) I hope everyone is well! Sorry I’ve been so busy I am in summer school and that takes up a lot of time! All the best everyone!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Someone else posted about this who was it!? So Marshalls had these knives which are made in France and have cute little bees at the handle for you to rest your finger on! I got a set with a white handle and a stainless. They were two different brands..and even looked like different quality so I returned the white because they didn’t seem as good of quality. The bees are even different! But check them out they are so cute!

a million 048

The nicer ones had this neat little history of the knives on the back.

a million 049

a million 050

a million 057

Here’s the white set.

a million 053a million 054

a million 056

Sooo you can see that the all stainless set just seems a little better, even a better holder! I only got the white because I had done that beachy tablescape and thought it would be cute and matching but then I was like should I really spend $10 bucks for this that I won’t use for anything else? haha. Anyway! Who was it that posted about this!? I tried to remember and find the post; it’s because of you I got these lol! All the best everyone!