Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Homegoods beats Pier1 any day!

Hey everyone! So I was eyeing this bowl at Pier 1 for months! It’s 20 bucks there and I always waited to get it because I knew it would be around a while longer. I don’t know why but I am in love with this bowl! Anyway! I found it at, where else, but Homegoods! For 17 bucks LOL. Not that much of a difference but hey I’m not complaining I was thrilled and obviously I bought it! LOL!

a million 153

a million 154

a million 155

a million 158

I love its scalloped edges :) I just have an obsession with this bowl haha! I obviously need more lemons but this was my original idea for the bowl :) I love the look of bright yellow lemons in a bowl :) I also got the cutest bowls at Homegoods! They are kind of off white with cherries! You’ll love them! Everyone go to Homegoods LOL.

a million 159


a million 161Look at how much they used to be! The tag was still on it!

a million 163

Look at how much Homegoods was selling it for!!!

a million 164

Oh Homegoods is good to us isn’t it LOL.

a million 165

Cute with lemons in it too huh! I’m telling you lemons look good in anything! Well everyone I hope you have all had some great shopping experiences lately! All the best!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shabby chic furniture

Yay for garage sales. The same garage sale that bequeathed me the fan and mirror also produced this splendid little wire cabinet and this other one with a glass panel. The one with the glass panel is kind of cheap like made of cardboard or something. The top is all grungy I’ll show you pictures. So how can I fix that!? Ahhh. Ok but the other little shelfy cabinet was fine and really cute.

a million 078 a million 079

a million 077

a million 080

a million 081

2 bucks. Kind of cute how it’s signed on the back huh? lol The dried hydrangeas came with it :) I really like this chippy little thing, I almost left it behind! So glad I went back for it LOL. The next thing doesn’t have great pictures because I left it in my car and took it to my dads house to store it.

a million 117 a million 118 a million 119

Now I’ll show you the top of it that is all messed up. How can I fix this?!

a million 120

a million 122

It was 2 bucks too so I couldn’t pass it up and I thought I could somehow fix the top. It’s bubbled up like paper does when it gets wet so I don’t really know what to do! Like I said it’s like made of some composite material and kind of cardboard-esque. I was thinking worse comes to worse I will try to scrape the top off and put shabby wall paper on it or something. Unless you guys have a way better idea and I’m sure you all do! All the best everyone! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

How to make a faux cupcake

Here it is ladies! How to make a faux cupcake :) Off we go! First you need some supplies.

Styrofoam balls (small enough to fit in a cupcake liner)

Patching plaster ready mixed in a tub (any hardware store)

Cupcake papers

Glue gun

Bits and bobs that you could use to decorate

ribbon, paper flowers, faux pearls, clay whatsits, glitter, acrylic paint, on and on…

 cupcake 002


First you have to glue your cupcake liner to the styrofoam ball

cupcake 005

cupcake 006

to look like this

cupcake 007

Then you use patching plaster

cupcake 008

When you open it mix it around a little then you just smear it on with a plastic knife or something I used  a spoon because I didn’t have a knife hah! And it worked fine. It will look like frosting, spread it around as if you were icing a cupcake.

cupcake 009

cupcake 010

cupcake 011

Be careful as you’re getting closer to the paper that you don’t get it on there but get close enough so that you can’t see styrofoam anymore. The completed frosting.

cupcake 012

You have to let this dry now. The bucket says for 1-5 hours but I let it dry over night because you’ll find it’s still soft if you only wait 5 hours. So I highly recommend you let it set overnight! Especially if you’re going to paint it! I am not going to paint this one but I still let it dry. If you paint just use a normal paint brush and any acrylic paint and paint away lol. There are a lot of grooves and cracks so you’ll notice where to cover those because the white shows through. After it’s dry get your bits and bobs ready.

cupcake 013

I just used ribbon, a glass bee, and a clay rose and petals I made. If you want to know how, I got the directions  here from Lorena at Rose Chic Friends! From this point on the decorations are purely your ideas. You’ve got the basic how to with the cupcake.

cupcake 014

I glued these together then I glued them to the cupcake.

cupcake 015

Then glued the clay rose and petals on top and added the bee.

cupcake 016

cupcake 017

The plaster cracked on the back and little things like that bother me LOL. So I added faux pearls all over to cover that LOL.

cupcake 018

cupcake 020

cupcake 021

Then all you do is put it on your cupcake dome and display :)

cupcake 022

cupcake 023

cupcake 024 

If you paint make sure you let it dry before you add your bits and bobs! On my other cupcakes I added trim around the paper which I’ll shower later :) A glue gun really does work best. When you glue the styrofoam ball to the paper cup make sure you squirt some along the sides of the cup so that sticks to the ball! I hope you all have fun if you make them and that they work out for you! All the best!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Garage sale finds

So the cupcake how to is coming along but for now I will entertain you with some recent garage sale finds :) So I got this cool lighted mirror! It’s old but the lady didn’t know how old. I like it :) I’ve always wanted an old fashion lighted mirror.

a million 059  a million 063

I tried looking up this company and couldn’t find anything except electrical switches lol.

The best part of the whole thing is that it works!

a million 065

Check out the engraved look on the side.

a million 067 Here is the back, the part that holds it up is kind of warped and bent from leaning for so long I guess.

a million 070 I also got this neat old fan for Taylor because he likes retro stuff lol.

a million 071 a million 072   

a million 073

Pinky inspecting the fan LOL.

a million 074

a million 075

I got some other really neat stuff that I will share next time :) 2 bucks for the mirror and 2 bucks for the fan I think it was a good deal lol. The fan works too! But the button to turn it on and off is broken you have to unplug it to turn it off LOL. Oh well. All the best everyone!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ye old apothecary

Look what I found! This cute window display at Disney that is all old apothecary-esque lol. I love it! There is even a dome guys look! LOL. Enjoy the photos :)

disneyland 072

disneyland 068

disneyland 067

disneyland 069

disneyland 071

disneyland 073

Here is some random fake food they had and these pretty copper pots!

disneyland 074

disneyland 075

disneyland 076

Did ya love it? I loved it! I wish I owned a few of those things. Did you see the tussie mussies! Ahh I was so excited when I saw that and the dome! LOL. So cute. I love all this old neat antique doctor stuff. I just bought an apothecary jar too! So cute. Show ya later. All the best everyone!