Friday, June 12, 2009


I found another crazy cute tassel at Marshall’s from the same company as the others. It’s pink! With a bird! So cute. Very eclectic and vibrant not too shabby but I think it’s chic :)

prize 007 prize 008 prize 010 prize 011 prize 013 Hello birdie and kitty in the background LOL. Don’t you love it’s tail? I know! It was just so funky and cute I had to get it!

I also want to share with you guys an opportunity to save the lives of animals :) Click there to Decorate a Scarf to help animals who’ve been abandoned.

Also I was tagged by Mona at Wsprsweetly of Cottages for a fun little game. You are supposed to list 6 unimportant things that make you smile. I had a hard time thinking of what could be considered unimportant. LOL. Some of my answers sound superficial but oh well it’s true.

1. Shopping :)

2. Thrifting LOL

3. Garage Sales

4. Food

5. Staying at home and doing nothing LOL

6. Baking

Weird answers right? I know LOL. Then you’re supposed to tag 6 people…but everyone is on bloggy breaks or seems really busy right now…so I’m gonna nix the tag part haha except that of course if you want to share some unimportant things that make you happy in the comments do it! LOL. All the best everyone :)


Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

One thing that makes me smile is that cute tassel you have. It's adorable.

Anonymous said...

Love the tassel Allie - very chic indeed!

Come over and enter my giveaway ;)


Lisa said...

That bird is so cute!!
Hugs, Lisa

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Allison,
"Tres chic" on the tassel! Your answers to the smile questions are not superficial....I think they apply to all of us. The "simple" things in life makes us happy, right? Have a great day!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Love the tassel! Love your list too, there all me! :)

Princess Of Pink said...

WOW I have never ever seen tassels like this one and the others you've posted earlier! They are just not here,
Adorable, and ofcourse LOVE the color PINK!!

Hugs from MArian

Cori G. said...

VERY CUTE Miss Allison!!! Have you tried making one? It's great fun and super addictive!!!! And finding the toppers can be the best part.

Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

xoxo Cori

Laurie said...

That's some bird! Thank you for being a frequent visitor and for all your sweet comments on my blog! I'm following yours now!

Barb said...

Very bright and cheerful tassel!!

Glad you received your nest OK.
Was it squished or anything? I'm just learning how to pack some of this stuff. (I mean treasures) =0)
Just in time for my new gift shop blog. =0)

Blessings on your day.
Your visits always make me smile.

Barbara Jean

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

I think that is the cutest thing. The color is so vibrant.

bj said...

O, what a sweet and cute tassel. I just love it. I don't have a single one so I'd better get busy and find one.
I'll bet your apartment is the cutest thing!!
xo bj

Sares said...

Love the tassel. the bird on the top is gorgeous. You could use it as a Christmas tree decoration too. I clicked over to the scarf site, what a great idea. I hope they raise a lot of money. Have a great night!

The Stylish House said...

Hi Alison,
You have a great style! I was looking at a few of your posts and I have the exact same vintage birdcage you like! It is a fun one and I have had it for a few years. Cathy

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What a find! I love how you've put this all together! Awesome!!!

xinex said...

What a beautiful tassel. I haven't seen anything like that at Marshall's. Lucky you found it....Christine

Terry said...

Hi Alli
Wow I am having so much trouble leaving comments lately.
The computer locks up so sometimes the comments post and sometimes not so much.
Anyway I wanted to come back by again and try this for a second time because I really think you did a great job catching this happy go lucky bird.
Great colors.
Thanks for the Animal fundraiser info too .
blessings of joy to you sweet lady.
Happy Trails

easytravel said...

thanks for share. I like your blog, It inspiring me. See you on my blog also. I hope we can share some information.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh Sweetie, thank you for doing that! I am never sure when I tag someone if they will be upset..but you did such a great job. I know what you mean about the "unimportant" part. I have to tell you this. When I first read that I had been tagged and jumped over to read what it was about...I wrote her and said "I think you made a type O and wrote unimportant instead of important" and she wrote back laughing and said...nope. "Unimportant" was correct. I actually was taken aback for a second! To me ..everything is important in a way. But..after some though..I think I know what they were trying to say...just the little every day things that make us smile. Not something like the birth of a child, for instance..LOL
Anyway...I sort of got the point and it was fun.
Oops..taking up more than my share of room again..
Anyway..thank you so much for doing that!
~love and hugs~

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

You have a way... :) you sweet thing...of finding the most unusual and interest and precious things for your home. I LOVE tassels...but never found something so interesting as this one! Amazing! and yes...I like his itty tail! Very cute! :)
(wandering way mumbling to myself...amazing..just amazing that young woman!)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Yes..actually..I would love to add one unimportant thing makes me smile when in traffic someone smiles and waves me through instead of blocking my path when traffic is heavy. I love that and appreciate the politeness of the driver. :) It makes me smile!