Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter hats and other niceties

Look an Easter hat on display at Disneyland! LOL

disneyland 061

Pretty little topiary!

disneyland 062

Check out this neat wall sconce in a shop in Disneyland. It’s a dragon! See its tongue rolling out!? Neat huh LOL.

disneyland 063

This was a wall mural behind the cash register.

disneyland 064

I liked this urn on the pedestal.

disneyland 065

This a kind of window vignette within the store, there are quite a few of them and I got pictures of a couple. This white dress looks like it was a wedding dress to me.

disneyland 066

Look this was like an entire mini room! LOL See the parrot? I think it used to be or was meant to be part of the Tiki Room ride.

disneyland 067

Another pretty hat! With pretty flowers in the urn and a purse with a tassel!

disneyland 068

Another shelf that went around the whole room where they put up great Victorian things. Does that look like an egg topiary to anyone else? The thing to the left of the mannequin.

disneyland 069

Ooo, pretty jacket and matching hat!

disneyland 070

Look at this pretty lady :)

disneyland 071

And we’ll end with this jacket! So pretty!

disneyland 073

Oh I really love Disneyland’s pretty things. How has everyone been doing? I hope everyone is enjoying Spring and Spring break :) I’m really excited for Easter I get to see one of my cousins who goes to San Jose State, she’s studying to become a nurse and is working so hard! We hardly see each other so it’s great that she’s even going to make it down because she does have class on Monday! Does anyone have any special traditions they do on Easter? Besides like …Easter egg hunts lol. All the best everyone :)


Cori G. said...

I tried going over there today and was told that I was blacked out. Have you ever had that happen to you? Instead of the nice little tinkerbell noise you get something closer to a loud toon town noise...very embarrassing and humiliating all at once :(.
I hope your having fun Allison :).

xoxo Cori

The White Bench said...

WOW! Looove the hat!
Have a bright and happy Easter,

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I'll be paying a visit to my fave place D-land and very soon.
That looks like the Emporium to me :0)
I'll bet you had a great time while you were there. Gads I love that place!!!
Have a happy Easter!

The Whispering Poppies said...

Have a lovely Easter and a wonderful weekend! =)

Bonjour Madame said...

We ususally get together with family on Easter and cook or grill outdoors since the weather is usually nice here.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, that 2nd photo is the Pieta in Rome, but it's not my photo and sadly I have never been there. One day, hopefully. :)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I would so wear one of those hats! :)

bj said...

Oh, these are all so pretty. Thanks, dear one, for sharing these with us...
Have a very blessed Easter..we will go to church, have a delicious lunch, an Easter Egg hunt and then a nice long nap!! lol
xo bj

Tracey said...

Have a Happy Easter weekend! You should do a post about the Disneyland kitty :)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Alli! You just never know what you will find in Disneyland!! A little this and that for sure.

We had traditions when our children were little, however now we just hang out and eat good food.

Have a fun Easter Break, sweetie!!

Northern California - cloudy today

Rue said...

Hi Allison :)

I miss Disneyland soooo much!

We just have dinner together now that the kids are too old to hunt for eggs. I hope you have a wonderful Easter!


Anya said...

I'am coming from Tracey and looked at your site :))
Its a very nice blogsite, my compliments!!!!
Nice to meet you ;)
Have a nice easter weekend !!!!!

Tracey said...

Thanks for visiting me this weekend.. I love Disney.. I too always wanted to live there. The hats for Easter are great!! Why dont' we were Hats anymore? I want a bonnet to wear tomorrow!! Have a great Easter and I'll be back soon..

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Allison, I hope that your Easter was lovely! Our church has Good Friday, Easter Eve, and Sunday Morning services. We got together with friends today to see their kids hunt eggs and to celebrate just being together. Some Episcopal churches have the children come foward with flowers and create their own flower cross which is neat. Not all of them do this, but it's so sweet.

Love your Disney pics!

Happy Easter...


Sheila :-)

Rosemary said...

Hey Alli,
Love the photos!
Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Chatelaine said...

Never been to Disneyland but thanks for the tour. I love all the displays.

No Easter traditions here. Every Easter is different and it usually depends on the weather. This Easter was sunny but very windy so the wind chill was around 35 degrees, way too cold for outdoor activities.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Disneyland is such a feast for the eyes...I haven't been there in ages though. Just so much to look at! I knew a man..a resident of ours, that went to Disneyland almost every single day. I had never heard of such a thing..but he did. Most times all alone. I went with him once..and he knew that place from one end to the other. Makes it nice to have a tour guide like that. Loved your pictures! I am playing catch up today!