Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Victorian lovelies

I wanted to share more Victorian window vignettes from Disneyland. Again sorry about the glare but it was unavoidable because it was so sunny. I hope you enjoy or are inspired, I was! I just love the crystal egg on this table and the urn!

disneyland 040

disneyland 025

 disneyland 026

disneyland 027

disneyland 037

disneyland 038

disneyland 039

disneyland 041

disneyland 042


bj said...

Oh, I really enjoyed looking at all these beautiful pretty.
Happy Birthday to your dad and hubby's birthday is the 10th and daughter's is the great granddaughter is due in about 2 weeks so we will have another April birthday..woo hoo....
xo bj

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I actually have a few of those items... weird right???
The sewing machine, the picture and basin, and the trash can...LOL I love how then have the sewing machine out and looking so wonderful... makes me think!!! I love the egg to, however I always worry about a "Risky Business" happening... I need to get over it!!! LOL

Thanks for sharing!!!

Just A Gal...

The White Bench said...

Beautiful! I own a sewing machine similar to that! The basin pic is beautiful, love the way they are arranged!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

When I married this last husband had an old sewing machine here that he and his wife had hauled out here on an airplane..carried in pieces. I still cannot believe they did that..but it's here and it looks just exactly like the one in the picture.