Friday, April 24, 2009

Would you like to join me for a tea party?

Guess what came in the mail!

stuff 029

stuff 024

YAY! It’s the Afternoon Tea Parties book that I won in the giveaway from Sue at Country Pleasures. She is so sweet she wrote me a lovely little note inside :) Let’s take a look at some pictures!

stuff 025

stuff 026

This page is the “Classic English Tea.” The whole book is divided into different types of tea parties! There is Japanese tea, French tea, Mother’s Day tea, a Christmas tea, a baby shower tea, birthday tea! So many! It is so awesome!

stuff 027

New stuff 001  High Tea

stuff 028

English Tea

New stuff 002

Russian Tea

New stuff 003


New stuff 004 Southern Tea


New stuff 005 Bridal Shower tea

The list goes on…isn’t it fabulous? This book was perfect to plan my birthday which is in…let me count…2 months and 5 days :) It’s a big birthday too! The big 21! Woot! But I don’t drink haha so I am celebrating with tea! So much better huh!? ;) All the best everyone! I’d love to hear about some awesome tea parties you have gone to or thrown in the past!


Cathy said...

Lucky you!!! I never win anything...and such a lovely book.
The best tea parties I ever attended were with my daughter when she was little...I miss those days!!!

Good luck with your birthday plans!!!


Vintage Roses said...

Hey Allison, the book looks great! Love the little sections. What a great gift to have!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Well, on Sunday..we are having a teaparty with cupcakes, since they are so popular. It is for my Granddaughter, Rachel, who is getting married on Monday. They came and got all of my pretty green cake pedistals my antiques depression glass cake I will take some pictures and show you. My daughter does great parties. She is the one that lives in "The Barn" that once belonged to Emilie Barnes. I love your book. I must get a copy for my daughter. She would love it! What a neat thing to win!
Allison..thank you so much for your sweet comment on my not so great post. I think..I try to do them too fast lately. Just SO much going on and SO much to do!
Hugs.. :)

Country Romantic said...

Good morning Allison!!

I love your new tea book and I would so love to come have tea with you!! :) I would love the Southern Tea, of course, but the English tea is nice too. I've had lots of tea parties and always love them. My Mama and I are going to start having tea every morning at each others houses after she retires from work and my job ends. I'm looking forward to that. :)

Go put a kettle on the stove and I'll be there for tea soon. LOL :)

Hugs & Blessings,


Donna said...

Awww, an early BIG 21 birthday wish to you - and congrats for winningg such a cool prize!! My oldest daughter (23) is a big fan of green tea... She can't go a day without it... Her mom, (me), who's not quite so smart is a coffee drinker... She tries to get me to swtich because, after all, tea is much healthier... Have a beautiful weekend!!!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

Anonymous said...

How Wonderful!!!! What a wonderful gift!!!

You always have such neat post... can't wait for the "big 21" post!!!!


Just A Gal...

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Wonderful book, Allison! That should be a lot of fun.



Bonjour Madame said...

Lovely! There is something so civilized about tea. It's calming and dainty and oh so ladylike. I love the pictures.

Tracey said...

What a wonderful prize! I love having tea. I have a friend from England who has a tea at Christmas time and it is so fun :)

southern queen bee said...

You lucky girl..I really wanted to win that book. If I ever get to Cal. I will drop in for a spot of tea...MISSY

Rosemary said...

The perfect way to celebrate a birthday. Who doesn't love a tea party?

Karen said...

Hi Allison. I am over from Whisper sweetly of cottages - isn't she a sweetheart?
I love tea - thank you for posting your prize!
So I was reading through your blog to find out you go to UCSD. My youngest son is also 20, and has several friends who go there and also San Diego State.
Boy, can I relate to wanting your own place. It will all come in time. I was the exact same way when I was your age.
I just found the same little iron bird bath you posted under your Sense and Sensibility post, at a yard sale I went to on Fri. I got it for $2! But it very rusty, which I think I like. I put it in my entry - I'll be posting pictures later. So come over to my blog for a visit!
Enjoyed visiting. I'll be back!