Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh what I would give!

To have pretties like these! I am going to move to Disneyland and live in the castle haha. This window display was my favorite I think. It was just so pretty and I wanted everything in it!

disneyland 049 Oh look at this basket with the pretty little sachets, bottle, needlepoint and handkerchief. disneyland 050 These flowers in the urn looked real! And I love the crystal orb on the stand.

disneyland 051

This one came out kind of blurry sorry. But I love the little footed mirror with all the perfume bottles on it!

disneyland 052 Oh! I want a chandelier lamp like this!

disneyland 053

Here is a pretty little chair that had this little vignette on top.

disneyland 054

Here is a better look at the chair. I just love those gloves and silver binoculars! So chic, like your going out for a night at the opera :)

disneyland 055 I bet some of you have a silver vanity set like this. I have one that belonged to my great grandma that I love! Also can you see the little frosted bottle that looks like a dress! Isn’t that the cutest!

disneyland 056

I’m not sure what these gold jeweled round things are but they are pretty! And there is that cute little canister hiding under the flowers! In this picture you can also see the lion face on the side of the urn!

disneyland 057

Here was a cute little picture tucked away behind the flowers and the drapes. It’s a teacup with a handkerchief hanging underneath! And how about that cute little stool it’s sitting on huh? I love the crocheted trim! And don’t you love the fringe on those drapes! Uber glamorous no?

disneyland 060

Oh I wish my room looked like this window vignette lol. I hope everyone enjoyed looking at these pretty pictures :) I wish you all the best!


bj said...

Oh, my...these are all just beautiful. Well, here's what you do...keep this photo up on your bathroom mirror so that every day you see it. Every time you go thrifting, think to look for at least ONE of the objects in the photo...first thing you know, you WILL have a room just like this!!
Good luck, sweetie.
xo bj

Anonymous said...

Everything is so pretty and you took great pictures of everything!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!

I have an award for you on my blog. You may have gotten one like it before or maybe your blog is award free... but I wanted you to know I am thinking of you and what you have added to my world...

Have a Great Day!!!

Just A Gal...

The French Bear said...

Great pics! I want a room like that too!! Or maybe some of the fabric to use for bunnies and bears!!!
Happy Easter!
Margaret B

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

And yes, you shall have a room, many of them similar to this, one of these days. You will create beauty everywhere you live!